Sydasoft's premiere billing software is already HIPAA-compliant and ready for your use.Click here to download a free demo of our HIPAA Compliant Software.

Sydasoft Software HIPAA Features:

Prepare for HIPAA with Standard Identifiers, Auto Log Off, and Consents and Authorizations features.

  • HIPAA Standard identifier fields in the provider and address screens include National Provider Identification (NPI) and Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Secure your sensitive patient data with Auto Log Off. Auto Log Off limits unauthorized access to patient and provider information by automatically logging off any user that has been idle.
  • Backup your data files through the new back up feature. Automatic prompts remind the user to backup each time the system is exited.
  • Track Patient Consents and Authorizations. Choose from one of four types of notes for categorizingļæ½standard note, record of patient consent, an acknowledgment of privacy notice and/or consent, and authorizations. The Expiration Date field reminds you of expiring authorization dates.

What is HIPAA?

Who Is Affected By HIPAA?


Transactions and code sets




Personalized HIPAA Training and Education:

Sydasoft will provide you with extensive, yet simplified HIPAA training that can enable you to become a consultant for your clients on HIPAA issues. This training can help you a great deal during the marketing stage when you are presenting your services to potential clients.

Our HIPAA Training Includes the Following:

  • HIPAA at a Glance Material
  • HIPAA Model Compliance Plan
  • HIPAA Quiz (Test your client's knowledge on HIPAA! Use as ice-breaker for presentations)
  • Effective HIPAA Educational Flyer (To use when marketing your services)
  • HIPAA Sample Consent Forms
  • Simplified HIPAA Frequently Asked Questions
  • HIPAA Resources
  • One Full Hour of One-on-One Consulting with a Sydasoft HIPAA Professional