Medical Billing Software

When buying medical billing software for your practice it is important to learn about its programming structure and components in addition to its features. Many of the medical practice management software in the market place are built with older, inflexible technologies and weak databases that cannot handle heavy transaction usage over the years. We've seen many medical billing software and medical practice management systems with corrupted data and it is not pretty! Often times, not much can be done to clean the data.

SydaMED was built with solid .NET programming, robust database engine (the latest MS SQL 2005), and the outstanding Crystal Reports - SydaMED medical practice management software will not crash nor garble your valuable data. With SydaMED you are in control of your data. You can export every bit of data to several popular productivity applications like Access, Word, Excel...etc. What's more, you can easily host SydaMED on a dedicated server and establish remote access from different clinic locations and your home office. You can have ASP-like accessibility while maintaining the flexibility and speed of desktop applications.

User Productivity

Entering Claims

Foolproof Insurance Billing

Regular Consistent Patient Statements

Never Lose a Dime in Receivables

Practice Analysis Reports Like You've Never Seen Before!