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2-Way HL7 Interface with EMR/EHR

Easily Send and receive vital information between SydaMED and leading EMR & EHR software !

SydaLink is a sophisticated 2-way HL7 interface that bridges SydaMED practice management with HL7-compliant EMR/EHR systems such as SpringCharts, AdvantaChart, LabCorp, Impac, RelayHealth, ChartLogic, EyeTecknix and MD Logic (More connections can be easily built). Users can seamlessly and automatically transfer patient and appointment records from SydaMED to EMR and transfer claims information from EMR to SydaMED. Users have the choice to use fully automated or monitored transfer of data.

Another great feature of SydaLink is that it allows for transfers of patient demographics from EMR to SydaMED as well! This means that if you currently use a system like SpringCharts, AdvantaChart, LabCorp, Impac, RelayHealth, ChartLogic, MD Logic, and EyeTeknix, you could easily move all of your patient demographics to SydaMED right away! Additionally, SydaMED allows you to choose between two methods of generating automatic patient chart numbers: Numeric or Alphanumeric. If you're using a numeric chart numbering system with your EMR software and move your patient demographics to SydaMED, you could continue using the same method of generating patient charts in SydaMED. This way your charts numbers remain uniformed between the two systems.

MS SQL Database

SydaLINK HL7 includes MS SQL database that can save the data being transferred in case of disruption like power surge or network disconnection.

Multi Channel, Multi Practice Connectivity!

SydaLINK can seamlessly handle data transfer between multiple databases for multiple practices simultaneously.

Super Easy Installation!

SydaLink's installation is a breeze. It is as simple as placing a folder anywhere on your PC and executing one file. After just a few minutes of one-time setup you're ready to send and receive data! Provided your network is running properly, you'll never experience disruption in data transfer.